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Instinct Scented Feline Teaser

One Fit K9

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Product Overview

Our rugged HD Instinct Scented flirt pole for dogs is now available in a smaller Feline version! This Teaser is strong enough for the canines but made exclusively for the felines! This is the last Teaser you will ever need to buy!

Besides the heavy duty qualities, what makes this Teaser so special?

The Instinct scented Feline Teaser is the first of its kind! Developed to excite the natural chasing instinct through sight, smell and feel. This rugged and stylish teaser is well designed by owners who understand the needs of quality equipment. Each Teaser is handcrafted by the inventor to maintain the highest of quality and control. Each Teaser comes with 1 scented feathered fur Tail.  Proudly made in the USA!


19" Great for compact spaces and or working in the show ring. come with a 5" grip

24" Great for those that want a bit more space between cat and handler while keeping the weight of the pole to a minimum.Comes with a 5" grip

Custom Size: Made to order just for your feline! Any size 25" thru 36". Grip option 5" or the 7". This is a great option for those that need a safe distance between cat and handler, while working indoors or out. This is a good choice for the exotic breeds like the Serval, Savannah and alike. Typical 1-2 week turnaround.


Flirt Pole Features: 

Medical Grade Polyvinyl – This material will not break, crack, discolor or become brittle. UV resistant. 

Heavy Duty – Can take a beating, yet light enough not to fatigue the handler’s arm during use. 

Heavy Duty *RPET Cord - (mooring line) Rated for 1100 lbs. with a PVC bite guard near the toy end. We do not recommend any flirt pole designed with bungee/shock cords. If the handler should lose control, the pole becomes a projectile that could injure your cat in many ways, including breaking your cat's teeth or cause an eye injury. In addition, rubber breaks down over time potentially causing the bungee/shock cord to snap during use.

Soft Kraton rubber gripGenerous length to maintain grip control under sweaty conditions. Latex free.  

Comfortable - Hand fatigue was a big complaint we found with other flirt poles on the market. We designed the Instinct Scented Feline Teaser in a way that reduces hand fatigue.    

Feathered Tail features: 

Scented- This is our secret sauce! Infused with 4 scents that are sure to drive them wild! We do not use catnip! Our combinations are hard to resist the feline nose.

Natural Action: Whipping and flying that mimics nature.

Sturdy- Triple stitched to withstand those punishing blows. Heavy duty loops that are banded for those strong tugging felines.

Our Tails are handcrafted with top quality synthetic furs and may have slight variations in size shape and colors. They are designed for interactive play only. Average size 2" x 3.5" (not including the loops)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review