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Pumpkin Pro


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Product Overview

Pumpkin Pro Product Benefits

Awesome Nutrients….More Available For Your Pet!

In typical Rogue Pet Science fashion, a no-nonsense approach to addressing the root of the problem was used to develop Pumpkin Pro. The combination of animal health expertise, first hand experience, and work with clinical health experts in the field…a solution was engineered…and Pumpkin Pro came into existence! 

Real. Pumpkin Pro is designed to be a better solution to help animals handle increased stress during times of travel, boarding, and performance. The complications of stress on a dog’s health were not being met by fiber filled purées and clay based products available on the market. Honestly! These products just clog up the intestinal tract with fiber and large pore size clay products and don’t even address the real problem, rather they are just covering up the problem. 

Functional. By fermenting both whole turmeric & ginger roots, pets are able to absorb more of the naturally occurring full spectrum compounds in the ideal bioavailable state. The uses for Pumpkin Pro are:

  1. To aid in stress management of loose stools
  2. To increase nutritional diversity 

Honest. Only the best organic human-grade whole food based ingredients are used in Pumpkin Pro! 

Pumpkin Pro Ingredients:
Only the best organic human-grade whole food based ingredients are used in Pumpkin Pro!

  • Organic pumpkin (without seeds or skin)
  • Organic fermented turmeric root
  • Organic fermented ginger root
  • Organic acacia gum

How do you feed Pumpkin Pro?

1. To aid in stress management of loose stools: Start by following the feeding chart guidelines for the weight of your pet. When adding anything new to your pet’s diet, START SLOW! After a brief introduction is complete, increasing the amount fed per meal can be done until relief of symptoms are seen. 

2. To increase nutritional diversity: the feeding chart is set up for added nutritional levels into your pet’s diet. This is a great start to building a better meal with high value nutrition, sourced from whole foods, and in a format that can be best utilized over other formats of the same ingredients.

Pumpkin Pro Comparison Chart


(No reviews yet) Write a Review