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XDOG Weight & Fitness Vest W/ Cooling


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$85.99 - $134.99
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Product Overview

Improve the overall health and wellness of your dog with the XDOG Weight and Fitness Vest! This high quality weighted vest is designed to improve muscle, stamina and endurance simply by wearing it. Great for: improving muscle strength, high energy dogs, conditioning, endurance, toning, improving speed, to combat obesity, and to reduce anxiety.


  • Warming/Cooling packs (Removable)
  • Removable Velcro Logo patches
  • Matching collapsible clip on bowl
  • Matching storage bag


XXX-SMALL 6-12lbs 

XX-SMALL 12-18 lbs

X-SMALL 20-24 lbs

X-SMALL (B) 25-29 lbs

SMALL 30-40 lbs

SMALL (B) 40-50 lbs

MEDIUM 50-70 lbs

MEDIUM (B) 70-75 lbs

LARGE 75-100 lbs

LARGE (B) 100-120

X-LARGE 110-150lbs

XX-LARGE 150-200lbs 

(B) The 1/2 size between standard sizes


(No reviews yet) Write a Review